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What Zen Thinks about Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventure?

This time another English Review for Fangames of Pewdiepie.

Made by Noble.D
I knew this game from Pewdiepie Bro Art. To play this you need to instal RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. I will give the link later.

So, Pewdie now trapped in the world where his imaginary character from Amnesia Game live.  First Pewdie just wake up and find he in room.  There he find letter and tell Pewdie about Marzia got kidnapped by Slogan.  Who will be your final Boss.  And Pewdie just learn about where is he when he meet Mr. Chair.

Then He find Stephano who got injured.  Stephano will be your first party member.  He is swordsman and he have really good skills.

I really love how good the developer make every character.  They character really sound like how Pewdie make them.  This game have Explicit Language, so be prepared.  They gonna say P**is and P**sy.  But, that how they character. Hehe...

This game really RPG style.  You can battle with enemy. Buy stuff, healing, magic, using Skills, armor, weapon, etc. The battle mode is really simple.  You just see the enemy, but you can't see your own character.  But, you can see the effect of their attack.

The enemy itself is cliche.  Spider, Bats, Scorpion, Ghost, Zombie, Orcs (this one only encounter you once).  But, is okay.  Heehee. What I really enjoy from this game is... when you can destroy all barrels all the way. Even there some scene where take from Pewdie video recording Experience.  That's cool, man.  XD

But, there's one epic scene we not gonna see in here.  That Scene is one of my favorite all the time from pewdie.  Is this Scene...

Hehehe, I'm sure all of you wanna see that scene in this game.

Story progress you will find Piggeh and Mr. Chair.  Piggeh is so funny.  He make a lot Sex Joke and that's why Stephano feel so annoyed cause of him.

But, as Character.  Piggeh is great. He only character who have elemental weapon.  He fast and have magic.  But For best magic, Mr. Chair is the best and he has Chair Mode as best magic in the game. You will love it.

Even there a lot Pewdie character here.  But, there some of original character from Developer.  Like Mysterie.  And they are great.  They helpful and why they are in this game also make sense.  That... is Awesome.

And I hope everyone of you to listen to me.  DO NOT MESS with UNTRUSTED STATUE.  Because that gonna be bad thing!  That's is protips.

This game is really short.  You can beat it only 1-2 hours and you can defeat final boss only with Level 15.  But, still this game have challenge.  That's when you fight Bro (Amnesia Monster).

I hope this game have sequel!  It have to!


  1. There still a lot pewdie character.  Gonzales (Stephano Twin Brothers who side with barrels), Martin, Jennifer (human Form) because in this game she still a boulder. Bengt, Jeremy, and many more.  
  2. How about the pewdie character go to real World because some chaotic thingy? that's great.
  3. Some equipment is useless.  Headgear, accessories, and some more. 
  4. Longer gameplay, Because this game is really RPG genre.  So, I hope is longer. :p sorry, I'm so selfish.
  5. Marzia is archer and she is character.  Not just NPC, you can see his stats in this game.  But, I never have chance to fight with her.  So, I hope in sequel, she is playable.
  6. Lullaby, I wanna know more about her.
  7. I always wondering how many skills you got as you level up? 
  8. Put some screenshot.  To make us can see some important scene closely.
  9. And, final reason is... I wanna see they actually fight.  Not just like be First Point fight.  It's gonna be epic if we can see how Pewdie speak Chopnese! :v
So. that's bring me to Final Verdict.  Pewdiepie Amnesia Adventure is 8/10. Even this is a short game. I still have fun.  And there some Jumpscare scene.

If you wanna play it. First download This.

And download the game here.

I hope you enjoy it. Comment if you want.  Or you can tweet me at twitter @ZenHorakti.

We meet again when I thinking something else!

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  1. sip, dah ane donlod, thanks yah reviewnya :D

  2. baru tamatin ini game O.o

    untuk sebuah fan-game, ini bagus. enjoyable, rapi, dan well-made O.o

    1. Yups. Pembuat game ini serius mengerjakannya. Walau mereka ga bertindak untuk komersil. Tapi, melihat betapa bagusnya eksekusinya. Aku kagum. :)