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What Zen Thinks about Pewdiepie, Cryotic Monki, and Pyschadelic Snake?

Okay, this time I will review in English.  Cause I wanna to make every Bros, Cry fans, and Snake fans can read what I tell them in this review.

So, Today I will review Three of my favorite Youtubers focus on Let's Player.

1. Pewdiepie

His real name is Felix Kjellberg.  Swedish boy who really lucky and be the most famous gamer in Youtube. Nowdays he got 6 million subscribers.  And more than 1200 video uploaded from his channel.  He play horror games and overacting all his reaction and make really funny expression.  First time, he not show his face to his audience. But, now he always show his face to his fans who called bro army.  What I like from Pewds is his joke is really funny, and use the popular words.  Like, YOLO, What you gonna do? all of it, so funny.  But, the real thing why I like his video, cause nowdays, he play a hidden gems or the game who not much people know about it. Like, Bad fur Day, Seaman, RPG Horor game, To the Moon, Limbo, and make that game more famous cause he play it.  And I really helpful to me.

What really people like from him, is the Friday With Pewdiepie.  He try to get close with his fans. Once A week usually at Friday or Weekend, Pewdie will upload video to do some request from his fans.  Even that request really stupid and ridiculous.  You can watch it here.

What is make Pewdiepie so famous, that is because of Amnesia : Dark Descent.  He play so much custom story than he named so much things in that game and make the character from it.  Stephano as guide and brave warrior, Mr. Chair as hiding master, Jennifer is big rock, Piggeh is Pig (What else?) and many else.  From that game, popularity of Pewdiepie is growing so much faster.  Even he can got 2000 subscriber each day.

But, sometime I also disappointing with him.  Cause, sometime he not place his joke at right time.  Like when he play the most emotional game in RPG maker To The Moon. I can't feel the emotion from that game cause Pewdie keep try to make jokes.  But, other than that pewdie is a great man.  He famous, handsome and really great man.  He found his soulmate, she name is Marzia the Italian girl and also a gamer. Now they really be perfect couple. Even sometime Pewdie play together with her with some game.  Marzia ascent really cute and funny.

Pewdie even play with another let's player.  First time he play with cry and now he play with Smosh, Ken, Nova, and many more.

Other Let's Player it's call Toby, but I not subscribe him.  His joke is not my style.
There's a lot fanart for Pewdie and you can see it from FP at facebook here.

2. Chaotic Monki a.k.a Cry

Cry is mysterious youtuber. He never show his face, never tell anyone his name, and where he address.  Most his fans know he live at Florida, but nobody know where exactly is.  Cry is also Horror gamer, but different from pewdie who have overreact everytime.  Cry is more stable and his joke really elegant.  His voice is so wonderful and that is his weapon make most his fans love him.  Cry have his Icon the poker face mask call 'sup guy'.

Now he has 5 hundred thousand more subscriber.  He maybe not as famous as Pewdie. But, what I really like from him is how intense when he put his emotional to the game.  When he play To the Moon.  I really want to cry cause his commentary.  That's the power of cry.  How about his joking style?  His style is really different from most gamer who really like screaming a lot. His scream is not really loud, but nervous voice really make us know he really scared.  "Hi, How you doing? You wanna some cake? Bye!" <-- most of it like this.  And that's really unique but still have funny aspect.

He also play a lot amnesia game. And sometime he play same game as Pewdiepie.  But, not all. He also has his own video.  But, his video always have long duration.  Most of it more than half hour.  And he really struggling with his fans who keep asking him to show his face.  For me, I really not mind if he not showing his face.  He has his own weapon to entertain us.  Pewdie maybe have really epic facial reaction, but Cry have is own unique voice reaction.  So, I hope all of his fans try to respect his decision and enjoy his video. 

A lot his fanart posted in same Pewdie Bro Art FP at facebook. So try to take a look.

3. Pyschadelic Snake

He real name is Lee Baker.  He is my first gamer I subscribed in Youtube. He really funny at commentary and he always call Crazy Commentary.  Maybe there not much youtubers know him.  He subscriber is less than 50 thousand.  But for real, he is also funny gamer.

First time I know him cause I try to look Fatal Frame 2 walktrough so I can make fanfic novel from that game. And surprisingly I see his channel and LOL so much.  His commentary is so funny. Yeah, he say F**k and S**t a lot also Rape jokes,  But I take most of it as jokes, so I just enjoy the comedy.

Snake be quite famous cause he played Fatal Frame series (except Fatal Frame IV) and all that playtrough really funny.  The most funny for me is Fatal Frame I.  That game even make Snake lost his sanity when he fight the really hard boss.

Some other his video really pump he up is... Silent Hill 2.  He play with difficulty hard, Riddle Hard, and first time walktrough.  But, he can got best ending and no die!  Can you imagine it?

You can see it here.

And another thing why I like Snake is he really like game with challenge.  Like Demon's Souls.  He play that game and he finish it with...

-Soul Level 1
-No Shield
-No Magic
-No Bow
-No Body Form, Soul only
-No Online Help
-No Glitches/Exploits

^That's really hard.  I enjoy see how skillful he is.  If you have some spare time. Why not give his chance to got subscribed.  Watch his video.  And you know what really funny fact about it?

Snake play Fatal Frame 1 and Fatal Frame 2 until the end.  Pewdie Play fatal Frame 2 and he not finish it.  In other way, Cry also play Fatal Frame 1 and he not finish it either.  But, Snake not finish play Amnesia Dark Descent who Pewdie and Cry play it until the end.  :D

So, that's my review from my gamer who I subscribed.  And why I love their videos.

I hope you enjoy it.  Until I think another things again!

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  1. huoh, ini review paling unik yang pernah ak baca :v

    1. ak belum pernah lihat review untuk youtuber sebelum ini :v

      btw, ane stuju, untuk ketawa2 asiknya nonton Pewdie, klo untuk serius enaknya nonton Cry :3

    2. Kalau Snake buat game penuh tantangan... :D